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AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., is a New York City-based multinational property and casualty insurance company, offering workers’ compensation, general liability, business owners policies (BOP), cyber liability, EPLI and more. Operating through its subsidiaries, its operations are divided into three segments: Small Commercial Business insurance, Specialty Risk and Extended Warranty insurance,...

Onetime stock-market darling AmTrust Financial Services and its former finance chief agreed to pay $10 million to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges alleging the insurer had misled investors in its reporting of hundreds of millions of dollars of loss reserves. Between 2009 and 2012, the complaint alleges that AmTrust moved insurance losses off its insurance units’ books to subsidiaries in Luxembourg. Even though the Luxembourg entities were wholly owned—and the ceded losses were disclosed in state filings of AmTrust insurance units—the losses never reappeared in the consolidated financials of the holding company’s securities filings. Barron’s wrote about this practice in a 2014 article. The SEC complaint alleges that Pipoly used the Luxembourg method to avoid $264 million in reserve accruals. That boosted AmTrust’s pretax profits by a corresponding amount.


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Former Employee - Major Case Manager says

"They are starting a new program to bring case Mgmt in-house. It is being poorly planned and poorly executed. Management is dictatorial and dismissive, rude and condescending. The IT issues are insurmountable and nobody has the situation understood nor managed. They are myopic and narcissistic."

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"There is a Director at the Dallas location that do not know what she is doing. Very evil person and don't like certain employees. Employees that have been there for decades that have no education just like a particular director are scared of an employee with a degree. Don't work there, you will suffer. HR is not effective,"

Senior General Liability Adjuster III (Former Employee) says

"It started off as a great corporate entity with incredible upsides and competent leadership, but it suddenly denigrated to a very highly unstable company...If you value balanced leadership and stability, don’t work here...(WC seems fine, but def not liability claims)Was good at first...Very highly unstable company...Thank you for your review and feedback. We encourage all feedback and sincerely appreciate your perspective. AmTrust Forward is an organization-wide program to sharpen AmTrust's focus and leverage our unique strengths to be a leading provider of specialty commercial P&C products and services globally. It is also about simplifying our organization's structure, which will empower people and improve the decision-making process. We are continuously striving to make our organization better and enhance our culture and your insights will help us in this effort. We wish you nothing but the best in the future."

Claims Examiner III (Former Employee) says

"Workload is awful. Managers who don’t know what they are doing and play favorites. This is for the Liability Managers in Concord CA. Don’t waste your time or career here.We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience. We have recently undergone a restructuring, resulting in an efficient framework of management with clearer accountabilities. We are reviewing the entire organization to ensure we are aligned with our strategic vision and have the right structure to deliver on it. We are continuously striving to make our organization better and enhance our culture and your insights will help us in this effort. Thank you again for sharing and we wish you the best in the future."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend this company to anyone. There is no structure at all, people get away with everything there. Promises were broken, no recognition for their employees. It all is about who you know.Paid time offEverythingThank you for leaving a review. We are continuously striving to make our organization better and enhance our culture and your insights will help us in this effort. We wish you the all the best in your future."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Listen to the honest reviews. The company looks at their employees as a number. You will never be more than that. They are cutting costs by eliminating bonuses and giving terrible raises except for upper management and if you’re a favorite. They are laying people off so why even bother. There’s better companies to work for.You get a lot of holidays off including Jewish holidaysLow pay and no job securityThank you for your feedback. As you may know, we have recently undergone a restructuring, resulting in an efficient framework of management with clearer accountabilities. We are reviewing the entire organization to ensure we are aligned with our strategic vision and have the right structure to deliver on it. We are continuously striving to make our organization better and enhance our culture and your insights will help us in this effort. Thank you again and we wish you all the best in your future."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Everyone comes to this job to find a better job. If you are not liked by management you will know it. you wont last. policies changed all the time and no notices are given. basically to set you up for failure.Free occasional lunchesThere is alot of favoritismThank you for your feedback. We are continuously striving to make our organization better and enhance our culture and your insights will help us in this effort. It is important to us that our employees feel supported, please reach out to us at we’d like to know more about your concerns."

Business System Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Yearly increase average 1%. Per management that will never change. No Career path unless you know someone Company demands long hours on project and Builds but never pays overtime or comp time. The ONLY plus is 2 days a month working remotely2 days a month working remotelyEverything else"

IT Program manager (Current Employee) says

"Unless you are related to someone you won't move up. Management care about themselves more than the company and pay will always fluctuate. The job is short term at best."

Business Test Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management and fellow employees are miserable and don't have any pride in their jobs. Managers are lazy and unprofessional. I remember being on a conference call and my manager spent the whole time drawing pictures."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"If you are a cousin, relative....etc of a higher up then you are safe and great place to be. The company does not value you dont be fooled. There are a lot of great companies out there with real opportunity. The are also cash strapped........and will soon be on boat with one ore........"

Programmer (Current Employee) says

"Short and sweet - it's the good old boy network, people promoted well beyond their ability. Typical lead/manager/director/VP was a poor developer so was promoted to leadership, but do not recognize they're behind the times and should work on interpersonal skills not advising developers how to code.Vacation time"

Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Most of the work consists of fixing poor design, when not working a ticket you're forced to do data entry. Company selling off units left and right making you wonder who you'll work for tomorrow.Lots of vacation daysWeak management"

Software Quality Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Don't work here - or if you do, stay for only a year for the experience. Communication isn't great across teams, and management is poor in reprimanding people or giving information needed."

Accounts Receivable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This place is tough. All the managers are middle aged white women. There is no room for advancement, they treat you unfairly, and work you to death. The computer system is HORRIBLE and creates a ton of extra work. They will hire people off the streets before they promote from within. I could go on and on and on and on but overall this place is the pitts!!!!!!!!!!!Love working downtownUnorganized, poor management, unfair treatment for hourly employees vs salary"

Legal and Compliance Licensing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company pays well. Manager in the Legal and Compliance is awful. She is immature and be little's her staff. I have never worked in a dept so short staffed. My opinion is for people to stay away from this department."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Worst place ever!! Every call is a bad one! Supervisors TRADE agents if they feel that you have gotten unproductive or bug them. Has a new director every 6 months. Training department is good but they don't train you for what the calls are really like. Call center floor is dis-organized. HR will not cooperate with any claims except if it has to do with the termination of an agent. Other departments which you have to communicate with in order to do your job will either push you off the phone even if you need important info to get off your call, or tell you that it is not their job to train you. Tier 1 department is worst of all of this. Suervisors will tell you to lie to get clients off the phone because they are worried about handle time. Handle time is too low for calls that are taken. Supervosors will also set their own standards for the team even if it goes against call center metrics. No chance of promotion. They prefer to hire outside sources. Most of management has not taken a call nor knows how to handle call escalations. They have their leads do all the work for them. Required all departments and required everyone to interview for their jobs again. Hold times to reach the info line which happened several times a day even for the most tenured of agents due to agents only on a need to know basis. Was written up my 3rd week there for asking a question to the info line. She proceeded to tell me I shouldn't argue with her when I simply was asking the reason for why she was instructing me to handle the call a cetain way. I had asked for her name and position to report herHour lunchestoo many"

Tester (Current Employee) says

"Worked as a tester and there is negative management that is occurring. There is no positive reinforcement, ability to work from home more frequently. Does not promote from within with the appropriate salary and responsibilities. Doesn't offer the opportunity for additional education with tuition reimbursement.Build working relationships and friendshipsThe inability for additional education and reimbursement. The opportunity for advancement."

Lead Claims Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible. Stay away!!! Management is the worst. They let go of a great manager and brought in somebody who barely speaks to anybody in the office, except the white people. This company is racist, moral is super low. Once they changes managers this company went down hill.noneeverything they don't even give you 15 minute breaks for working an 8 hour shift"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Micro-managing, brow-beating "mean girls" work atmosphere. No training and no reward system. Database riddled with technical issues that interfere with work productivity and stats. Ridiculous expectation to submit handwritten stats of daily tasks. No comraderie. Management used spyware on phone system and PC; ankle monitor was up next I'm sure. Very nice family who originally owned this location "BTIS" but they were unattainable while their minions secretly ran amuck in tyrades keeping the peasants in place. DON'T DO IT. Unless you're a sadist. Then, by all means.Nice carpetMIcro-Managing Minions"

owner (Former Employee) says

"These people have no idea what they are doing. Dont work here, dont so business here. Its just awful. Disorganized and expensive.noneeverything"

Am says

"I complained to AMtrust who own ARC Legal how ARC Legal were treating me, namely ARC had told me they could not pay my under my rent guarantee claim as I had myself served a section 21 notice over a year earlier to a tenant who was in arrears but later paid up so I didnt evict him - since when cant a landlord do that to get a tenant to pay up!!! hundreds of landlords have to do it everyday and are never told it invalidates their potential rent guarantee claim in future, so it seems very discriminatory if you know what I mean for them to say it to me but not other customers who I am aware ARC have not relied on this, doesn't it - so it's very obvious this time. AmTrust took ARC Legal's Side even though it is obvious ARC are in the wrong. ClearlyAMTRUST don't care about people and instead take the side of their closely related people no matter what. I have asked for diversity and religious data approx 10 times but not received it. The regulators also take their side I wonder why, I have asked the regulators for the same diversity and religious data and encountering the same problem. The whole system is corrupt and these companies are all run by the same interest group and taking the absolute mick. It's unbelievable what's truly going on and why and no one seems to care, until it affects them, half the time people don't realize they have been impacted. There is a lack of unaccountably and objectivity although they will obviously claim they aren't and act like they are the crusaders of fairness but it's an utter sham as its riddled with bias and looking after their own at all costs and their words mean nothing, it's actions and evidence that speak volumes. Unbelievable what I've witnessed, but I'm glad I did else would have been obvious to all that's wrong. We want a full historical record of all their recruitment and activities to assess what damage they have caused others and to repay any benefit as a result, i'm sure at some it will happen."

Bryan McGhee says

"These scammers took my premium and deposit then cancelled my policy 4 days later without notifying me and still has not refunded my money. Do not do business with these scam artist. I’m reporting them for fraud to my bank to have the charges reversed."

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